Streamlined Processes

We have grown organically over the past 18 years, refining our processes and procedures as the years and the legal requirements have evolved in our industry.
Our company is stream lined and designed to run smoothly for both ourselves and for our tenants and lessee’s.

Maintaining Our Properties

Our single-point case management system allows direct contact to the property management team and this allows quick contact and efficient resolution with any unforeseen issues or repairs.
Our handpicked support team including carpenters, plumbers, electricians and outside maintenance teams are all held to high quality standards, not only for the product they produce, but also for their behaviour and professionalism.

Quality and Value

All properties are fully insured, were earthquake repaired or rebuilt using our own team and to our level of quality. They are fully insulated, double glazed and in most cases, very new construction.
The quality and value of the product we offer to the market is very important to us and therefore all of the properties in the portfolio are affordable and of the highest standard.

How it Works

The Property Firm Ltd strive to make renting/leasing a property with them as straight forward and easy as possible. We can accommodate most appointment requests, have straight forward application requirements and are available to chat with via email or phone anytime. All of our properties are fully insulated under floor, in wall and in ceiling and have double glazing and heat-pumps making them cheap and quick to heat/cool. During any tenancy we pride ourselves on our quick response times to maintenance issues, clear communication and considerate attitude to any tenancy needs.

Any properties available to rent/lease can be viewed on Trademe. The Property Firm Ltd prides itself on flexibility with viewing times and days and can accommodate most reasonable requests for an appointment without any issues. For any leasing/renting enquiries or questions, please feel free to contact Catherine at or 027 346 3793.

The Property Firm has industry standard application criteria including referee and previous landlords contact details along side personal facts such as name, date of birth and next of kin.

For residential properties we offer a fixed term 1 year lease and no letting fee. Move in costs are 4 weeks bond and then your first weeks’ rent in advance. But please feel free to discuss any variations to this that you may be looking for.

Maintaining a property is the responsibility of both the tenant and the landlord. When the landlord and tenant work together to maintain a property to it’s optimum standard, it is a more comfortable home for the tenant and their neighbours


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