The Property Firm Ltd is a construction & management,

leasing and property investment company.

We have evolved and grown over 18 years into an organisation that refurbishes, constructs, creates and offers properties to the rental market. This means we have an end to end process from the selecting of the project sites, managing the construction project to the leasing of that product at its completion.

we have grown organically over these years by remaining true to our ethos:

Believing in quality over quantity everytime

Choosing construction projects that are in keeping with our values

Over-delivering on results and product standards

Maintaining a high level of respect for our tenants/lessees

Ensuring strict quality control measures

Willingness to take on challenging projects


Construction. Management. Investment.

How it Works

By choosing to retain our construction projects we can provide a better end product to the people who wish to rent/lease our properties.

  • By designing a product with long term maintenance in mind, ensuring reliability, practicality and easy use.
  • By selecting a construction team well suited to the particular project.
  • Managing the project so the construction project is completed properly without shortcuts.
  • Strict quality control, making sure the properties are of a high calibre.

  • Single point case management system giving our tenants/leasee one contact person for all their needs.
  • Can offer a “custom package” with extra’s such as an “outdoor service” allowing our tenants to do more of what they want to do, and less of what they don’t want. I.e.: gardening.
  • The products have been designed specifically with the end user in mind with affordable living, efficient heating/cooling and comfort & practicability in mind.
  • Creating a wraparound service allowing any maintenance to be completed by the same team who were on the construction project at the beginning. This facilitates an understanding of the maintenance required and a no-fuss approach to getting the property back to its optimal condition.
  • All staff are well versed in and fully comply with the tenancy laws.


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