Over the years we have discovered it is not enough for us to take on a project just because it is available and so we only choose to engage in construction projects we have passion and vision for and ones that enhance the surrounding communities, with both quality and design.

Our wide-reaching team is personally selected for each project we embark upon and are held to high-quality standards, not only in the physical product they produce but also in their behavior and professionalism throughout the project.

We have strict quality control measures in place and every project is thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure it is ready to be offered to the market. As we retain the projects we construct, our goal is not to create something for the cheapest price possible, but rather to create the best product we can, regardless of the initial cost.

What We Do?

We construct and rent/lease high quality yet affordable accommodation. We achieve this by refurbishing and/or constructing properties using a hand selected team who are closely monitored to ensure quality, professionalism and reliability. Once the construction is completed, we offer our product to the market to find the right people for the property.

What is Our Process?

We select the sites and, working with our design team, we create the brief and outline the vision for that site, be it refurbishment or build. The objective is to design top-quality, affordable properties for long term rental. We select the team and manage the process from end to end, ensuring quality at every stage of the project. We seek expressions of interest to rent/lease the properties and use a single point management system for our tenants/lessees.

Why Choose Us?

Quality over quantity. We simply do less projects per year but make sure each project we are involved with is completed to the highest quality benefitting our tenants/lessees but also the local area, environment and city. As properties are constructed with long term retention in mind, we don’t seek to complete a project for the cheapest price but rather to create the best product possible for that site.

Our tenants also have a single point of contact system allowing direct communication with a property management staff member who will be single handedly manging your tenancy and your tenants needs.


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