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Both Catherine and Matthew co-foundered the Property Firm Ltd in 2007 (previously trading as Inicio Ltd). This saw the partnership of 2 people with previous business owning and managing histories, with both beginning their self-employment and construction paths many years prior to forming this company.

What started out as a simple passion for property and construction was soon moulded into a sound business model that has been successfully delivered in Christchurch over the years.

Our goal from the beginning was to create high quality, affordable living spaces and properties for people to rent or lease and we soon worked out that the best way for us to achieve this goal was to be extensively involved in any project from its inception right through to the handing over of the keys. This model is applied to all projects whether they involve building from new or intensive refurbishment. This carved our business into several different and quite individual aspects including project management & contractor selection and property management. Maintaining this model has ensured the final products are in keeping with our goals and that the best value and quality product is being offered to the market.

Our original business model of long term ownership has not changed over the years and this provides comfort and stability to any tenants/lease’s that choose to occupy our properties.

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Matthew has 18 years’ experience in business ownership and property investment. He purchased his first property at 21 years of age and started his first business at age 23. He concurrently established his second business at age 24 and has been involved in the construction and property investment industry since the early 2000’s.

Matthew has taken on contract works at both local government and central government level in planning, construction and management roles, most notably within the CERA organisation post the Christchurch earthquake sequence. Within our own company Matthew has had experience with financial management, insurance negotiation, project management, quantity surveying, quality control, forecasting, project analysis and construction management.

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Catherine has 17 years’ experience in business ownership and property investment. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago university and post graduation she left New Zealand to take up a management contract overseas. She purchased her first business aged 23 and subsequently purchased her second business at age 26. Catherine has been involved in construction and property investment since the early 2000’s.

Catherine has also taken on contract works at both local and central government level in planning and construction roles. Most notably in a management role within the CERA organisation post the Christchurch earthquake sequence. Within our own company Catherine has had experiences with financial management, insurance negotiations, budgeting, overseeing the property management of the portfolio, design work, forecasting, project analysis and contracts management.


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